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London's New Routemaster cover image
London's New Routemaster

Tony Lewin

Foreword by Thomas Heatherwick

Hardback with jacket
160 pages
UK £25.00
Branding Terror cover image
Branding Terror
The Logotypes and Iconography of Insurgent Groups and Terrorist Organizations

Artur Beifuss and Francesco Trivini Bellini

Foreword by Steven Heller

336 pages
UK £24.95
US $34.95
CAN $38.95
Conflict and Costume cover image
Conflict and Costume
The Herero Tribe of Namibia

Jim Naughten

Introduction by Lutz Marten

Hardback with jacket
108 pages
UK £30.00
US $50.00
CAN $55.00
At the King's Table cover image
At the King's Table
Royal Dining Through the Ages

Susanne Groom

Foreword by Heston Blumenthal

Hardback with jacket
208 pages
UK £24.95
US $39.95
CAN $43.95
Masterpieces of American Modernism cover image
Masterpieces of American Modernism
From the Vilcek Collection

William C. Agee and Lewis Kachur

Hardback with jacket
288 pages
UK £50.00
US $85.00
CAN $93.00
The Mormons cover image
The Mormons
An Illustrated History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Edited by Roy A. Prete

PLC with jacket
168 pages
UK £24.95
US $34.95
CAN $38.95
New City cover image
New City
Contemporary Architecture in the City of London

Alec Forshaw

Photography by Alan Ainsworth

Paperback with flaps
224 pages
UK £19.95
US $29.95
CAN $32.95
In Predatory Light cover image
In Predatory Light
Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears

Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson

Texts by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Sy Montgomery and John Houston

Hardback with jacket
160 pages
UK £35.00
US $60.00
CAN $65.00
Watch Me Move cover image
Watch Me Move
The Animation Show

Edited by Greg Hilty and Alona Pardo

Paperback with flaps
224 pages
UK £24.95
US $39.95
CAN $43.95