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Hardback with jacket
192 pages
120 colour illustrations
28 x 24 cm (11.25 x 9.5 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4223-0
John Piper in the Thirties
Abstraction on the Beach

David Fraser Jenkins and Frances Spalding

John Piper was one of the leading modernist artists of the twentieth century whose work was was not only at the forefront of artistic developments but also appealed very directly to a wide public. Marking the centenary of Piper’s birth in 1903, this book dramatically uncovers the various shifts in his early career while working largely on the south coast of England, from a lyrical painterly style and lively use of collage, inspired by Picasso and Braque, into pure abstraction, in keeping with international modernism. The second half of the 1930s saw the order and harmony of Piper’s work unsettled by the onset of war, and with it a return to representation in an attempt to find a contemporary idiom with which to express his romantic love of the past. The tension between abstraction and realism in Piper’s work of the period is engagingly told and stunningly illustrated, in this, the first in-depth exploration of the artist’s formative years.


Published to mark the centenary of the artist's birth

The first book to concentrate on this crucial period in Piper's artistic development

Engagingly written by leading experts on Piper, and beautifully illustrated

Published in association with Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

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Author Profiles

David Fraser Jenkins is Senior Curator of Collections at Tate Britain, London. He has published widely on Piper, including, most recently, John Piper: The Forties (2000).

Frances Spalding is a Reader in the School of Arts and Cultures at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She has published extensively on twentieth-century British art and artists.

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