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Hardback with jacket
144 pages
120 colour illustrations
24 x 30.5 cm (9.5 x 12.25 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4656-6
The Noise of Ice: Antarctica

Enzo Barracco

Foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes


When the Italian photographer Enzo Barracco decided to stage a photographic expedition to Antarctica, inspired by the example of Sir Ernest Shackleton, he had much more to contend with than extreme cold. With their merciless winds, treacherous seas and vast sheets of ice, the snowy lands at the South Pole are a challenge for the most seasoned explorer. In order to reach the continent, Barracco had to endure a perilous sea crossing from southern Argentina through the notoriously rough Drake Passage. The Noise of Ice: Antarctica explores what drove him to embark on his journey, and tells the story of the expedition in astonishing photographs, many taken in hazardous conditions. In his gripping text, Barracco details how even his journey to Antarctica required the help of an experienced ice pilot, to spot and avoid icebergs that a ship’s radar may miss. He describes how the waves on that first voyage threw him to the deck and impressed on him the hostility of such an environment. He also recounts his constant battle to protect his photographic equipment and all-important memory cards from the excessive cold. Most importantly, Barracco explains that, in capturing these beautiful landscapes, his intention was to remind us of the environmental threats to this part of the world, the last empty continent. As Sir Ranulph Fiennes asserts in his foreword to the book, ‘witnessed by only a few, Antarctica should be enjoyed by many and protected by all’.


A compelling photographic account of a journey to the end of the world

Fully illustrated with powerful images by Enzo Barracco, and with a foreword by the celebrated explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes

An important statement on the beauty of our planet and our duty to protect it

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Enzo Barracco is an Italian photographer who has worked with a variety of prestigious international clients, including Vivienne Westwood, Harrods, Estée Lauder, Sisley and Barclays. 

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"The photographs in this book are a perfect glimpse into a part of the world where extremes sit side by side - ethereal skies change to freezing storms in a moment, where glorious red sunsets leak onto perfect, white ice. Enjoy Enzo’s story and his glorious pictures - perhaps they will inspire some to try a different style of photography or see the world in a different way, while some may be motivated to travel after reading about Enzo’s journey. But crucially I hope everyone who reads this book becomes more appreciative of the importance of Antarctica - a unique place which plays such an important part in the ongoing state of our planet. Witnessed by only a few, Antarctica should be enjoyed by many and protected by all." From the foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes

In light, white is the presence of all colors and nowhere is this more evident than on the White Continent—its stark beauty a visual feast for the eyes that spans the entire visible spectrum. Antarctica also harbors all manner of flora and fauna both on its ice-cloaked landmass and in the chilled waters that lay offshore. Among these are the most elemental organisms on Earth—stromatolites—which persist in ice-covered freshwater lakes that dot the continent, providing a window on how life began on our planet 3.5 billion years ago.
To the list of intrepid voyagers, one must add Enzo Barracco who has turned a curatorial eye nurtured in the world of art and fashion to Antarctica’s vast landscapes. His arresting imagery captures the play of sunlight in the transparency and opacity of the ice and the subtlety of the deeply hued blues, greens,and reds of age-old lichens, algaes, and geological formations, and in its totality reveals what is surelyEarth’s greatest runway show.
Angela M.H. Schuster, Editor-in-Chief, The Explorers Journal

Photographs are not just images of a scene or a person, they go beyond that and are interpretations - the photographer's and, dare I say, the viewer's. Thus when I saw Enzo's exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society last January and was lucky enough to come across Enzo for the first time, we were able to walk round and discuss my interpretations of his work. It was the start of a friendship with someone who is able to look at the world around us with a fresh perspective and give others, through his photography, valuable insights into a precious and worryingly threatened natural world. I laud Enzo's enthusiasm to explore beyond his horizons and to use his talent tohelp the rest of us understand the value of our world.
Edward Watson, Chairman of British Exploring Society

It was quite a departure when, in 2013 as an Italian fashion photographer, Enzo Barracco approached the Society with a proposal to exhibit his photographs of Antarctica in our Exhibition Pavilion. Enzo’s exhibition ‘The Noise of the Ice’ – the result of a month spent in the Antarctic taking an intimate, contemporary look at what he calls ‘a world within another world’ – provided a striking
contemporary response to the historic images from our own Collections which had inspired his journey. Enzo Barracco’s images of this ‘mysterious place of real beauty’ provide a new chapter in the visual recording of this extraordinary continent for a modern audience, one which we can all enjoy on thepage in his striking book, inspired by our own holdings.
Dr. Rita Gardner, CBE, Director, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

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