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UK £100.00
US $160.00
360 pages
250 illustrations, 182 in colour
36 x 26 cm (14.25 x 10.25 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4657-3
Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern

Neisha Crosland


The designer Neisha Crosland sees pattern wherever she goes. Her extraordinary eye seeks out symmetry, order and structure in artefacts, buildings, paintings and, above all, in nature. A visual feast of colour, unexpected information and surprising personal stories, this delightful book celebrates Crosland’s remarkable talent. It takes the reader from the first spark of an idea to the finished product, exploring along the way myriad cultural pathways, and making unusual connections. Crosland’s design story begins with her standing as an art student in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice, and then travels through many continents and eras, from Mughal India to Moorish Spain, and from the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela to Jacobean England, before ending in Japan. There are tales of mankind’s earliest rituals alongside explorations of 16th-century court dresses, Baroque woodcarving, 17th-century shell-collecting and Russian Constructivist paintings. The text draws on conversations about pattern that Crosland has had with other design professionals as well as with musicians and mathematicians. There is fascinating technical detail, too, including wonderful examples of Crosland’s early work using weaving and printing methods that have now vanished because of commercial pressures on mills and manufacturers. Crosland also explores the ways in which a technique or colour can completely reinvent a design, and how the mood of a design changes when it is placed in a different interior or applied to another medium or product. This book is a loving tribute to the power and significance of pattern that will appeal to anyone who appreciates beautiful design. 


The first book to be published on the award-winning textile, print and home-furnishings designer Neisha Crosland

Features specially commissioned photography throughout 

A de luxe, large-format publication that will be treasured by all design enthusiasts


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Neisha Crosland is a surface pattern designer recognized internationally for her sophisticated and unusual colour combinations. Since she graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 1984, she has won many important design awards and her work has propelled her to the forefront of design in the United Kingdom. Crosland designs fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, tiles, fine china and stationery, as well as home and fashion products. 

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Table of Contents:

Sun Stars
Triangles, Lines, Spokes
Scallops, Scales, Crescents
Crisscross, Dots, Spots
Shells, Bells, Waves
Flora, Fruit, Fauna
Ammonites, Malachites, Amoeba
Mechanic, Organic
Linked, Lined, Squared
Kimono, Japan, Scarves
Ceramics, Papers, Interiors

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