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ISBN: 978-1-8589-4645-0
New Architects 3
Britain's Best Emerging Practices

The Architecture Foundation


New Architects 3 showcases the wealth of emerging architectural talent in Britain. It provides a unique guide to over 85 of the most innovative young architectural practices, many of which are destined to become the leading architects of tomorrow. With this book, the third in a groundbreaking series that began in 1998, the Architecture Foundation continues its tradition of championing new generations of architects. Almost 20 years after publication of the first guide, the British architectural scene remains lively and diverse, with London marked out as arguably the pre-eminent international city for ambitious design, yet it is still difficult for young practices to gain significant commissions. This brand new edition, featuring practices selected by a jury of architectural professionals, represents the next generation of talent, and will be invaluable for all those interested in creating the best new additions to our built environment. The book presents a comprehensive, independent expert assessment of each featured practice, along with contact details and a total of 450 colour illustrations of recent projects. Offering both practical information on how to get the most out of the client/architect relationship and an overview of the architecture scene in the UK, New Architects 3 will serve not only as an important reference for clients, advisers and urban planners, but also as a resource to inspire readers and celebrate the value of high-quality contemporary architecture.


The definitive survey of the best emerging architectural practices in Britain today, with superb colour illustrations of their most recent work

Provides an authoritative overview of the current architecture scene in the UK

Indispensable for anyone commissioning new public and private-sector projects

Published in association with The Architecture Foundation

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The Architecture Foundation is an independent, non-profit agency that promotes architecture and urbanism. Since its foundation in 1991 as the UK’s first independent architecture centre, it has organized hundreds of design initiatives, events, exhibitions and education programmes in public venues across Britain and internationally.

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Practices featured in New Architects 3: 31/44 Architects • A449 • ACME • Adam Khan Architects • Adam Nathaniel Furman • Amin Taha • AOC • Archipelago • Architecture 00 • Article 25 • Asif Khan • Assemble • AY Architects • Baxendale Design Co • Bell Phillips • Carl Trenfield Architects • Carmody Groarke • CarverHaggard • Casper Mueller Kneer • Cassion Castle Architects • Citizens Design Bureau • Civic Architects • Coffey Architects • Coombs Jones • Dallas Pierce Quintero • David Kohn Architects • Delvendahl Martin • Denizen Works • DK-CM • Dominic McKenzie Architects • Duggan Morris • Dyvik Kahlen • Emulsion • Erect Architecture • Feilden Fowles • Friend and Company • Gatti Routh Rhodes • Gort Scott • Graeme Massie Architects • Hall McKnight • Haptic • HAT Projects • Hayhurst and Co • Hugh Strange Architects • Hugo Hardy • Invisible Studio • Jack Woolley • Jan Kattein Architects • Jonathan Hendry Architects • Laura Dewe Mathews • Liddicoat & Goldhill • Lyndon Goode Architects • Matheson Whiteley • Mikhail Riches • MW Architects • Nex • Nissen Richards • OMMX • Ordinary Architecture • Orkidstudio • OS31 • Platform 5 Architects • Practice Architecture • Prewett Bizley • Pricegore • PUP • RA Projects • RCKa • Robin Lee Architecture • Roz Barr Architects • Rural Office for Architecture • Russian for Fish • Sam Jacob Studio • Sandy Rendel Architects • Serie • Something & Son • Stitch • Studio Egret West • Studio Gil • Studio Sam Causer • Studio Weave • Surman Weston • Takero Shimazaki Architects • TDO • The Klassnick Corporation • Timothy Smith and Jonathan Taylor • Urban Projects Bureau • vPPR • We Made That • West Architecture • William Matthews Associates • William Smalley • YOU&ME

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